Centre Ahl El Beit Geneve
Fondation Islamique et Culturelle
d'Ahl-El-Beit(S) - FICA - Genève Suisse

Centre Ahl-El-Beit (FICA) Route de Meyrin, 49 1203 Geneva SWITZERLAND

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The FICA* objective* Fondation Islamique et Culturelle d'Ahl El Beit(S)

The Islamic and cultural Foundation of Ahl Al Bayt (S) FICA in Geneva (Switzerland) has the main objective of serving the interests of the Muslim community, ensure that its specificity is an asset, a positive and rewarding in the Swiss multicultural environment.

This foundation (FICA) was created to provide the community with a framework, a dignified and appropriate place for prayer, celebration of religious ceremonies, religious education and language to children.

The growing number of community members and the increased needs of new generations in terms of culture, ecumenical relations and integration into Swiss society demanded such a foundation.

The Foundation of Islamic Ahl Al Bayt (S) of Switzerland in Geneva on the premise for what is good for Switzerland is good for its Muslim community. The Foundation will work to highlight the convergence of universal values of both cultures.

The Foundation is in particular :
  • Organize activities to promote Islamic culture.

  • Provide meeting space.

  • Helping our children to preserve their original identity.

  • Provide a framework for education and leisure for children and adults.

  • Encourage inter-religious dialogue and inter-cultural.

  • Promote citizen participation of the Muslim community in Switzerland

  • Combat all forms of racism and bigotry.